The Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures
THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, Restoration Scriptures Edition, has the Inspired Version of the Bible, 1908 Book of Mormon, and RLDS Doctrine and Covenants, sections 1-144. It has a bonded leather cover, 1,920 pages of 6x9 inches. Margins are about .6 inch. Edges of pages are gilded. It is not thumb-indexed, but large, bold references are shown at the tops of pages. See scans of a number of the pages below. This book is available only from Cumorah Books, Inc. Scroll down to see the ordering information.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Examples of words that have been corrected in our text:

"a" (not "an") with words starting with "h sounds" (with the exception of "an hungered)
change the British spelling of words like Saviour, honour, favour, to American spelling
any more - use as 2 words
anyone – usually use as one word, but use as two words before "of"
anything – always use one word
bondman, bondmen (not bond-man, bond-men, bond man, bond men)
bondservant, bondmaid (not bond-servant, bond-maid)
byword (not by-word, used inconsistently)
cornerstone (not corner-stone)
counselor (not counsellor)
court gate (not courtgate, used inconsistently)
doorpost (not door post)
dwelling place (not dwelling-place)
earring (not ear-ring)
everyone – normally one word, but use as two words before "of"
everything – always use one word
evildoer (not evil-doer)
fellow servant
firepan (not fire-pan)
firstborn (not first-born)
forefront (not fore-front)
fulfill (not fulfil)
fullness (not fulness)
headband (one word)
inquire (not enquire)
lawgiver (not law-giver)
looking glass (not lookingglass or looking-glass, used inconsistently)
lentil (not lentile)
manservant, menservants, maidservant, and maidservants
marveled (not marvelled)
niter (not nitre)
nose jewel (2 words)
offense and offenses (not offence and offences)
offspring (not off-spring)
plumb line (not plumb-line)
practice (not practise)
pruning hook (not pruning-hook)
rearward (not rereward)
resting place (not resting-place)
ring-streaked (not ringstreaked)
scepter (not sceptre)
seashore, seaside, seacoast (not sea shore or sea-shore, or sea side, or sea coast)
selfsame (not self-same)
sepulcher (not sepulchre)
sheepshearer (not sheep-shearer)
shoulder piece (not shoulder-piece, used inconsistently)
show (not shew)
showbread (not shewbread)
skillful (not skilful, British spelling)
Son of Man when it refers to Christ
subtle, subtlety (not subtile, subtilty)
subtly (not subtilely)
thou hast, thou wast (not thou has, thou was, etc.)
today (not to-day, etc.)
twofold, threefold, etc. (not two-fold, three-fold, etc.)
underfoot (not under foot, used inconsistently)
use two words for other "fellow" words—fellow prisoners, etc.
use one word for words such as threescore, fourscore, etc.
veil (not vail)
vinedresser (not vine-dresser)
watchtower (not watch-tower)
water course (not water-course)
wellspring (not well-spring)
winepress (not wine-press)
woman servant and women servants
worshiping, worshiped, and worshiper (not worshipping, worshipped, and worshipper)
Luke 42 pages

John 26 pages

Acts 39 pages

Romans—1 Corinthians 32 pages

2 Corinthians—2 Thessalonians 36 pages

1 Timothy—1 Peter 32 pages

2 Peter—Revelation 30 pages

We will e-mail the text to you in Rich Text Format that you can read with your word processor. We encourage you to review it and respond within two weeks.

Please be aware that the Saints use a variety of editions of the Inspired Version. The first edition was published in 1867; that is the edition Price Publishing Company reprinted in 1997. Many corrections and changes were made in a “New Corrected Edition” in 1944. And other changes appear in the editions of 1970, 1974, 1991, and 2006. The Scripture Committee has compared the various editions and made choices of wording when differences existed. The text also has limited editorial corrections, including some pronouns, verb tenses, consistency, capitalization, and punctuation. Therefore, it does not exactly match any books currently in print. Still, it should be very familiar to all readers of the Inspired Version.

We welcome your assistance and appreciate your desire to make this publication the best it can be, a publication that is worthy of conveying the Word of God.