The Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures
THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, Restoration Scriptures Edition, has the Inspired Version of the Bible, 1908 Book of Mormon, and RLDS Doctrine and Covenants, sections 1-144. It has a bonded leather cover, 1,920 pages of 6x9 inches. Margins are about .6 inch. Edges of pages are gilded. It is not thumb-indexed, but large, bold references are shown at the tops of pages. See scans of a number of the pages below. This book is available only from Cumorah Books, Inc. Scroll down to see the ordering information.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

any one > anyone
anymore > any more
burthens > burdens
can not > cannot
cherubims > cherubim
evil doer > evildoer
first born > firstborn
first fruits > firstfruits
for ever > forever
fraid > afraid
gave > given
harken > hearken
head-bands > headbands
king-men > kingmen
maid servant > maidservant
man servant > manservant
night time > nighttime
Oh > O
one fifth > one-fifth
one half > one-half
past > passed
plead > pled
plow shares > plowshares
prophesy > prophecy
raise > rise
sea-shore > seashore
self-same > selfsame
seraphims > seraphim
shew (in all forms) > show
smote > smitten
some one > someone
to-day > today
to-morrow > tomorrow
under foot > underfoot
vail > veil
whether > whither
worshipped > worshiped
wrecked > racked
Note: This is not a complete list, and not every occurrence of a word was changed ("gave" and "past" are good words in the right place).